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Welcome to my new website!

Whilst I want to keep it as professional as possible, I also want to give you a unique personal experience and allow you to get to know me, and feel my passion for all things floral and pretty.

I thought a little 'Meet the Maker' Q&A would be perfect for you to get to know me a little better. So here we go...

Who, where, when?

I'm Nicola, and I am the founder and creator of No.5 Blooms. I've lived in Poynton, Cheshire all my life - 27 years to be exact! So I know the area well - it's a thriving community village (I think we're actually a town now!) and I love living here.

No.5 Blooms is currently located at my home address in Poynton, where I am eagerly awaiting my studio being built - until then my house will continue to be scattered with flowers - it’s not as pretty as it sounds!.

I set up No.5 Blooms in July this year so it's still very new to me and I have SO many ideas and so much energy to give. I always have my notebook to hand to write down everything when it comes to mind!

What inspires you?

On a creative level I am inspired by nature - I love wild, rustic designs, the kind of bouquet that looks like I've just ran through a meadow of cottage garden plants and grabbed a bit of everything – that is a bit of me!

I love creating beautiful arrangements from things so easily overlooked and ignored... that conifer you walked past this morning has so much potential and could be turned into something SO beautiful.

I am also Inspired by my family and friends and all the people who believe in me – without them I wouldn’t be doing what I am so they are probably my biggest inspiration.

What can you not live without?

As cliché as it sounds – my family and friends. Oh and my dogs and cats but they are family, right?! I’m very much a traditional family girl and to me there is nothing better than family time. I also couldn’t be without my friends... I only have a handful but that’s all I need!

My pooches Eric & Ernie and my cats Lola and Tubbs are a huge part of my life – they feature quite heavily in my social media although I do try to crop them out of my bouquet images as I’m afraid they will steal the limelight!

I also can’t live without... coffee, okay if I was stuck on a desert island I’d be okay but for day to day functioning I need copious supplies of coffee.

Do you remember your first sale?

I'll always remember my first ever sale!

I'd only just launched my Facebook page and I remember being tagged in a conversation. A lady had asked on a huge Facebook page for florists who create wild bouquets. I remember seeing I had been tagged by so many people amongst tens of professional florists. I was flattered they’d mentioned me but didn’t expect in a million years she’d choose me over all these established names.

Believe it or not, the following week there I was delivering one of my seasonal bouquets to her – I can still remember her face, she didn’t speak for a few seconds but it spoke a thousand words – she was SO happy with them and couldn’t praise me highly enough.

I got back in my car and literally cried! I was so happy she was happy and thought to myself ‘Oh maybe you can do this as a career?’. She still orders from me now and I have built up a lovely relationship with her. I am so grateful for this experience as it lead to so many more moments like this.

What are your future goals?

I have SO many plans for the future and so many goals I want to achieve.

I’d love to see my brand pop up in lots of different locations.

Okay I think I've waffled for long enough now. I hope this has given you a little more background on me and No.5 Blooms. I'd LOVE to hear your feedback so please leave me a comment below - I'd like to do more of these blogs so if you have any suggestions on topics you'd like to cover please do comment.

Thanks you SO SO much for taking the time to read!


Love Nicola x
No.5 Blooms




  • I received wonderful bouquet yesterday my grand daughter sent it to me. She lives in New York.Im absolutely thrilled with no.5 blooms

    Joan rixon
  • Thank you for sharing this.It was helpful to me

  • I received a totally surprise bouquet yesterday from my daughter . She had used No 5 and the bouquet is amazing. I could just look at it for hours it has so many different flowers very imaginatively put together. Trust me I don’t usually comment so this shows how pleased I am with this bouquet.

  • Hi Nicola. You delivered the most beautiful arrangement to me earlier this week. I’m agonising what I should do to keep them in the best state possible. They are still in the water bag they came in. Should I be transferring them into a vase? Many thanks. Xx

    Julie Wood
  • Please can you tell me about where we can find your prices.

    Linda Jebb

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