My New Flower Studio!!

Hello Everyone!

I am SO excited to share with you my new, beautiful workspace. It’s rustic, yet girly - everything I could dream of and more! I never thought this time last year that I would be here now, it just goes to show that hard work, passion and determination can get you where you want to be. I’ve always been a big dreamer!

I’ll start from the beginning (you might want to go and make a brew!)...

Last July when I started my flower business I was making all my bouquets from my kitchen, conservatory, living room - anywhere cool enough. I did a brief stint in my Grandma's garage too but it wasn't ideal as I had my grandma shouting to me every time I was about to tie off a bouquet!

I soon realised that for my business to grow, and for my sanity (a house full of flowers isn’t as pretty as it sounds), that I needed a creative workspace.

We had the perfect spot at the end of our garden for a workshop to be built, I arranged to have my beloved apple tree cut down, and for a bespoke wooden workshop to be built for me upon my return from my floristry course (which I did with the UK school of floristry). I’m not going to go into the ins and outs but I paid a lot of my hard earned money out for the deposit and the workman never turned up, and then disappeared off the face of the earth with a big chunk of money that I’d worked so hard to save. I was devastated.

Anyway, walking down Park Lane in Poynton, literally the weekend after I got home from my floristry course I noticed the flower shop was for sale. I’m a huge believer in fate and decided to go for it. I rang up the estate agent on the Monday morning and put forward my offer, unfortunately I was just beaten by someone else’s offer that had already accepted. Again, I was gutted, and I won’t lie but I started to have doubts as to whether this was meant to be.

Christmas was approaching and I literally had over a hundred orders to do over the festive period. My house was a mess and my Christmas tree didn’t go up until the 18th December, and I’m a 1st of December kinda girl!!!

New year, New Start

I started the new year actively looking for a space which could help my business grow. I found an old stable in Woodford that was available, 5 minutes from home in the most picturesque setting. It was perfect, even though it did need ALOT of work and TLC. This is where the journey begins...

Me and my husband Carlo have always had a huge passion for interiors and making things - we are both pretty creative! Many people could not see beyond the cold, dirty, old stable, but we had a vision and knew what we were aiming to achieve with the studio right from the start - it had to be Instagrammable, rustic and clean with feminine touches throughout.

Here are some photos from the process, from the start to where we are now.

This was the space we were dealing with. The first job for us was to get the walls back to the original brick. It was heavily plastered and had layer upon layer of industrial paint. We tried everything - heat guns, brick acid, sanders, scraping. It was such a tedious job but we knew it would be worth it and we couldn't afford the hefty bill to have it sandblasted. 


Next up is where I get to brag about my amazingly talented husband Carlo - I literally could not be more proud of him.

Carlo is a mechanical engineer and has no joinery qualifications whatsoever, however, he clearly has a talent in this field. The old window frame was boarded up, and I really needed as much light as possible, so he knocked out the old one and decided to make a new frame to fit. Off he went to buy the wood... and he made a beautiful, bespoke wooden window - it fit like a glove! My dad then took it home and applied layers of undercoat before painting it in our favourite F&B pigeon. I now have the most beautiful window with the most perfect view!

Next up was the floor. The original floor was concrete and so uneven - I was really conceened about what could be done with it. That was until Carlo and Zak laid the most amazing wooden floor (in under the space of a day!). It transformed the whole room. (Zak is Carlo's trusty apprentice from work and was there helping us every step of the way. He is one of the most hardworking young lads i’ve ever met – he was even ready to help at 10am despite being out til 7am the night before! Thanks Zac x)

Next they built the work surfaces. I knew I wanted a desk, an island and a workbench (along one of the sides) and this is what they designed and made. Amaaaaazing...!! 

Plenty of storage space even for Dad... 


Finally it was time for all the finishing touches... (it's still not finished) We added touches of pink along with an antique vintage sofa, lots of ivy and plants, and all my gorgeous urns and stationary. And of course... Blooms!! 

I painted this sign myself - it’s a hobby that I used to do more - I really enjoyed painting and lettering again! 

So to round this up, my little studio is now pretty much complete. There’s still a few jobs left to finish, and a bit of furnishing still to do - I’m sure I’ll forever be adding finishing touches to it! I’m not open as a shop as such, but I’m here for collections and workshops, and hopefully I’ll do a few pop up days etc. I’m really looking forward to seeing you and showing you my space 💗🌸 Lastly, and I’ll try not to get to soppy, but I just want to thank and big up my husband and everyone else who helped us. In the space of 4 short weeks we have completely transformed the stable. My amazing husband is SO supportive and has done all this to help me achieve my dreams. I will forever be thankful and I’m so proud to have such a wonderful space that's been built with so much love. He’s done it all - the flooring, walls, bespoke units, made a window, he even did all the electrics! He’s so creative and talented I cannot express enough how proud I am. He’s available to hire now ;-) I hope you enjoy this post as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing my new studio with you!

Lots of love Nicola,
No.5 Blooms 🌸



  • Hi Nicola, how very beautiful ,it all look amazing. I hope you do really well you deserve to.
    I just love flowers & im sure I’ll be consistently watching your page.
    Good luck. Xx

    Debbie Davies
  • You are so inspiring! I hate my job and I am dreading going back after Maternity leave! I am so creative and feel wasted everyday that I spend as a business analyst. Hate the corporate world and wish I wish using my talents to make beautiful things. Seeing your story and how much you have worked hard to achieve your dream makes make feel like it is all possible if you work hard and take chances!! All the very best of luck with EVERYTHING you do! Let me know if you ever need an apprentice haha!

    Jade Higginson
  • Well done Nicola & Carlo your studio is looking FAB! Wish you every success with your flower business, you certainly have the flair and drive to succeed. Dean x

    Dean Horsley
  • Loved reading about your journey, congratulations on achieving your dream & good luck….although I doubt you will need it ;-) what amazing work your hubby and friends have done in the transformation it looks great. X

    Donna Jennings
  • Nicola, what an amazing achievement… looks fabulous, earthy, organic and rustic, just my style too, I relocated last year to norbury farm after losing my lovely hubby suddenly, it’s been the best step ever
    I know how happy and excited you feel and wanted to just pop on here and wish you all the luck in the world…. I’ll be popping by to place an order soon
    Sharon x

    Sharon wallis photograohy

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