I've tried to answer all the questions I've previously been asked - I hope this helps and answers your question.

What size are your bouquets?

My seasonal bouquets come in a variety of sizes. I offer a small bouquet for £25.00 which is perfect for a window decoration or I do Extra Large and XXL bouquets if you really want to impress and make an impact!

My bouquets are available in the following sizes at the prices listed below:

  • Small £25.00
  • Medium £35.00
  • Large £65.00
  • Extra Large £85.00
  • XXL £105.00

Please see my photo gallery to get an idea of the different sizes.

Will I receive the exact flowers as in the photos?

No, my flowers are seasonal arrangements and are different each week. I go to the flower market twice a week to ensure your flowers are the freshest and best quality available for the time of year. Some of your flowers may even arrive in bud so you get  the very best out of them. All of my arrangements are of a rustic theme so please bare this in mind when ordering.

How will my No.5 Blooms arrive?

Your No.5 Blooms will arrive aqua packed and wrapped in my signature style hessian. 

Can I display my No.5 Blooms in the hessian wrap?

Yes of course! Although I would recommend after a few days you put them into a vase of fresh water and use the flower food supplied - also trim the stems by an inch or so to get the best out of your blooms. 

Do you do requests for bespoke arrangements?

Yes! Please contact me to discuss at hello@no5blooms.co.uk

If I haven't answered your question below please feel free to contact me.